Stationary Engine

Standard cream separator engine

Great small engine standing only 70 cm high including the stand. The engine is fitted with open fly ball governor and it turns over. We do not have the magneto for this engine sold for restoration.

5hp Hercules

5hp Hercules hit and miss .Has excellent compression and will be a great runner. There is a repair to the top side of the head that is very hard to notice. Nice Engine!

Maytag 2 cylinder engine

Model 72 made in 1937. Engine turn over for restoration


MAYTAG model 92. Unrestored and the engine is stuck

Maytag 72 original condition

Model 72 made in 1947. The engine turns over and has compression also showing original paint and decals

Maytag 92 1932

Made in 1932. The engine turns over and has compression

Ideal R

Project engine missing carburettor


K 2hp open crank engine

Stover CT1

CT1 c1928 with Wico magneto nice small engine that you don't see that often.

Engine trolley

Nicely made cast wheeled wooden trolley 14" by 50"